A Caring Family Funeral Home
Providing funeral services such as traditional funerals, cremation services, funeral pre-planning, Insurance Funding and monuments. Call or e-mail me now for a FREE Funeral Planning Guide to Jon Tillung at 715-296-5437 or jon@appleyardsonline.com
Talk to me about your options and your family wishes.  Locally owned and operated for over 44 years.

Our Guiding Principles
  • That all shall be provided with a respectable final tribute honoring a life, regardless of their means.
  • That we offer all services including traditional funerals, cremation, monuments, pre-planning and funding as well as after care services, if needed.
  • That people of all faiths shall be served.
  • That all staff members will be courteous, dignified and considerate.
  • That all fees be shown in plain figures and that every family be given unrestrained freedom of choice.
  • That I constantly adhere to professional ethics and code of unselfish service to mankind and adhere to a professional attitude of serving the public with understanding, honesty and sincerity.

The Funeral Home
We realize that a funeral home is a place that people do not always want to come to - therefore, we have tried to make your visitation experience a more comfortable and pleasant one.

I have taken special care to retain a warm, homelike atmosphere with the proper use of colors, the utilization of wallpaper and warm woods, fireplaces and well-chosen furniture. Our facility is designed to be flexible in size so as to maintain a comfortable, homelike feeling, regardless of the size of the family that we serve. 

Our service area is centrally located on a main thoroughfare just a half block from the business district, adjacent to two of the largest city parting lots and close to most churches.
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